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Ayureda - The knowledge of life

Complete well-being - on Lake Chiemsee

Holistic well-being - new at Gut Ising on Lake Chiemsee

Ayurveda – the knowledge of life

We offer a wide range of traditional AYURVEDA treatments and therapies at Gut Ising Spa & Wellness.

Our Ayurvedic massage and rituals are an effective way to restore the balance between body, mind and soul; and, by strengthening this unity, to create holistic well-being.

Our qualified therapists invite you to simply relax and let go.

Ayurvedic Treatments - Overview

Abhyanga - Full body massage
80 min
€ 145

The entire body is pampered with special oils in a smooth rhythm. The circular motions in a Marma Massage bring the body energies back to equilibrium via so-called vital points.

Padabhyanga - Foot & leg massage
50 min
€ 86

Feet, lower legs and knees are massaged with gentle movements using a special oil. This foot and leg massage relaxes and refreshes at the same time.

Mukabhyanga - Shoulder, neck and head massage
50 min
€ 86

The spirit (vata) is soothed with fine strokes, vital point massage, as well as with a selected Ayurveda oil - relieving stress-related tension in the neck and shoulders.

Shirodhara - A steady stream of warm, aromatic oil
50 min
€ 86

A stream of warm oils on the forehead soothes mind and soul. Shirodhara treatment provides deep relaxation of the nervous system for people with stress.

Our Ayurveda Rituals and Combined Treatments

RITUAL: Shirodhara in combination with Abhyanga
120 min
€ 155

A stream of warm aromatic oil on the forehead with a full body massage

RITUAL: Padabhyanga with Mukabhyanga
100 min
€ 145

Ayurvedic head, neck and foot massage

Ayurveda - Appointments

To make an appointment or for more information please contact our spa team on Tel. 08667 79 252.