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Sailing on Lake Chiemsee

Lake Chiemsee covers an area of more than 80 square kilometres, making it Bavaria's largest expanse of inland water.  Chiemsee is like a good-looking man - sometimes calm and composed, but then moody and raging once again, with waves and white horses.

Perfect for the ambitious sailor, who will feel at home and undisturbed on the lake. Apart from the wind- and kitesurfers, Chiemsee steamers, small electric, pedal and fishing boats, there is practically nothing to get in your way: motorboats are taboo on Chiemsee. A true paradise for sailors.

Sailing Holidays at Gut Ising

In association with 'Segelschule Huber' in Seeon-Seebruck, Gut Ising offers everything you need for a successful sailing course and an unforgettable sailing trip.

Stay in luxurious comfort at Gut Ising, including all the facilities offered by the spa & wellness area and excellent cuisine; enjoy a fantastic time on Lake Chiemsee, under the professional supervision of the Huber family.

Sailing Courses & Sailing Certificates on Lake Chiemsee

  • Introductory sailing courses
  • Sailing courses for beginners and experienced sailors
  • Sailing courses for children
  • Pleasure craft certificate inland waters
  • Pleasure craft certificate ocean
  • Sailing with a skipper

We will be pleased to arrange courses, boats and skippers for you!
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