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Horse Riding

Riding at Chiemsee

Dear Riding Friends,

When you have been to equestrian tournaments of all sizes, both at home and abroad over a period of many years, made the acquaintance of well-known riding personalities; had the privilege to see renowned studs, courses and riding schools in many countries and collected ideas from key equestrian trade fairs; then you inevitably develop the desire to create something special.

Particularly when you are lucky enough to be able to maintain a wonderful family estate, steeped in tradition. Thus the idea evolved to foster all equestrian disciplines at Gut Ising, by offering top facilities and services.

Enthusiastic leisure riders, determined show jumpers, dressage specialists and event riders should find ideal sports facilities here for a riding holiday or during their stay.

Konstantin Magalow

~ Konstantin Magalow,
International showjumper and owner of Gut Ising