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USINGA Restaurant

Gourmet Restaurant on Lake Chiemsee

USINGA is for you and me.
When looking for something special, refined, for a personal or important occasion or just for the sheer pleasure of it.

The tempting menu includes gourmet Alpine cuisine, seasonal favourites, international delicacies and popular 'classics' - modern, creative and prepared in innovative ways.

We will treat you to a range of dishes that you can order more or less à la carte. One, two, three... courses - just as you like. Large or small appetite? Walk right in! 

You may, of course, also enjoy a gourmet set menu from renowned chef Gunnar Huhn. We will also be pleased to suggest corresponding wines for the various courses.

Fine Alpine cuisine in USINGA
Fine Alpine cuisine in USINGA

You can look forward to an attentive, charming and personal level of service in USINGA, which is extremely important to us and reflected in the fact that we all sing from the same song sheet at USINGA - and in the extra service, conversation and interesting little stories about the ingredients, wines and dishes provided by Gunnar Huhn and Regine Seifert. 

The restaurant, opened in August 2012, has its own magical charm; seating for exactly 18 guests ensures a very private and informal atmosphere. It has an understated elegance - with its lovely ambiance, fine wooden furniture and discrete and carefully chosen decoration.

More about USINGA

The Chef
Gunnar Huhn has been at USINGA since May 2013. Thanks to his culinary talents, the gourmet restaurant has been awarded numerous excellent restaurant ratings.

Regional ingredients and products
When it comes to selecting products, the focus is on top quality ingredients, preferably from the Alps region and Chiemgau area. Gunnar Huhn works very closely with local suppliers and this can be savoured in culinary highlights such as pink saddle of venison on nutmeg pumpkin with maple syrup, sweet-and-sour onion and Tahoon cress.

USINGA Head Chef - Gunnar Huhn
USINGA Head Chef - Gunnar Huhn

The name USINGA
The gourmet restaurant is named after the Latin name for Gut Ising - USINGA juxta Lacum Chiemingo. The USINGA restaurant represents a unique culinary addition to a range of gourmet restaurants in the Chiemgau and Upper Bavaria region, attracting guests from far and wide.

The USINGA wine experience
The wine "experiences" in our gourmet restaurant on Lake Chiemsee will also be unforgettable. Our sommelier will take you on a journey around the world, impressing you with his enthusiasm and knowledge of wines, their origins, history and taste. The wines are specially selected for each menu and come with the personal recommendation of both our head chef and maître d', so you can enjoy corresponding wines with each USINGA gourmet menu.

Opening Times & Reservations

  • Wednesday to Sunday from 18:00 - 22:00 hrs
  • Monday & Tuesday: closed

A perfect place for special occasions

Awards & Ratings

Our gourmet restaurant on Lake Chiemsee has been recommended and rated by:

Savoir Vivre, Der große Guide (Bertelsmann guide), Guide Michelin, Gusto, Schlemmer Atlas and the Varta Guide.

Schlemmer Atlas

According to the Gerolsteiner Best List 2018, USINGA - at Position 553 with 173.49 Points - belongs to the top 3829 restaurants in Germany.

Individual ratings for 2018 are as follows:

Scroll table
Guide Rating/Points Equivalent
Overall / Gerolsteiner Best List Position 533 of 3829 176.49 points
Savoir Vivre 3 Suns plus Outstanding - a candidate for the next category above.
Der Große Guide 3 Chef's Hats Restaurant with sophisticated cuisine.
Gusto 7 Pans & 3 Covers Well above average, very good, rare or exclusive products - quality restaurant with good service and selected wines.
Guide Michelin 1 Michelin Plate & 2 Covers MICHELIN Plate: good food, quality products, carefully prepared: simply a good meal!
2 Covers: good level of comfort.
Der Schlemmer Atlas (Aral) 3 Covers with upward trend Very good quality basic ingredients, imaginative preparation and exact cooking times, as well as selected wines, cultivated atmosphere with appropriate service.
Varta Guide 3 Diamonds Stylish dining, exclusive ambience and excellent range of food and drinks.