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Goldener Pflug Restaurant

A traditional inn with excellent food

You can enjoy local cuisine in "Zum Goldenen Pflug" - a traditional inn with wonderful authentic dining areas, vaulted ceilings, pillars and stucco work; or in the historic courtyard beer garden

The history of the 'Goldener Pflug' probably goes back more than 400 years. This popular inn is one of the oldest pub-restaurants in the Chiemgau area.

Biergarten 'Zum Goldenen Pflug'
Biergarten 'Zum Goldenen Pflug'

In 1581 the Monastery of St. Peter, to which Gut Ising then belonged, established a tavern in the Petershaus building. This later became the Goldener Pflug and, according to the records, it all began with the Stammtisch table for regulars and the table opposite.

So Bavarian cuisine and Chiemgau specialities, fresh fish and fine vegetarian alternatives have been enjoyed here for generations - in an ambience characterised by nostalgic charm and tradition.
The Goldener Pflug inn is located in Petershaus, the hotel's oldest building at Gut Ising, which was first documented in 1581.

Reservations & Opening Times

  • Breakfast from 07:00 - 11:00 hrs
  • Goldener Pflug open daily from 12:00 - 23:00 hrs
  • Hot food and dining room open:
    12:00 - 14:00 hrs & 18:00 - 22:00 hrs
  • Bar snack menu: from 14:00 - 18:00 hrs & 22:00 - 23:00 hrs

The Head Chef, his aspirations and unique settings

Head chef and restaurant director at Gut Ising is Rüdiger Linke. He has been impressing hotel guests, non-residents from the region, as well as guests attending functions and conferences, with his cuisine, creative ideas and experience since 2009. This is why the Goldener Pflug restaurant enjoys an excellent reputation in Upper Bavaria and far beyond.

Rüdiger Linke has given his own individual touch and discerning aspirations to popular 'classics' at Gut Ising and knows how to create a gourmet experience with seasonal favourites.

The great cuisine offered by Goldener Pflug combined with the enchanting dining areas and function rooms, suitable for groups of varying sizes, will ensure the success of any family celebration, wedding reception and anniversary; and of any conference or Christmas party on Lake Chiemsee. Many guests come not least because of the excellent buffets, set menus, barbecues and themed evenings that the Goldener Pflug organises in this traditional 'Gasthaus'.

It's also possible to enjoy the great cuisine offered by Rüdiger Linke al fresco: the Goldener Pflug has an attractive beer garden in the estate's historic inner courtyard, the magical 'Schanigarten' courtyard, as well as the sunny terrace of the Salzburger Stube. Fine food can also be enjoyed on a small or large scale at the barbecue area, Seehaus and Forsthaus, which are all catered for with set menus and buffets by the Goldener Pflug - ensuring that any kind of event is a pleasure.

Seasonal highlights include fondue in winter and superb buffet barbecues in summer.

Hotel Gut Ising on Lake Chiemsee
Head Chef - Rüdiger Linke selecting his ingredients

Goldener Pflug - Specials

"Meer" Ising

From the Bavarian Sea and large oceans to the pans at the Goldener Pflug...

A fresh sea breeze, is blowing in the kitchen of the Goldener Pflug restaurant: we will treat you to freshly caught fish and spring vegetables from 14.02. bis 24.03.18.

Enjoy our spring menu with
• King crab legs
• Crayfish in red wine
• Lobster thermidor
• Mediterranean red snapper
and more from €16.

We will be pleased to take your reservations on tel. +49 (0)8667 790.


Treat yourself to a full body massage (50 min) in Gut Ising Spa & Wellness and, after a glass of sparkling wine, enjoy a wonderful light set meal; or our popular buffet breakfast at Gut Ising. 

Bookable daily, except Saturday and Sunday and during Bavarian school holidays.

We would kindly ask you to make a reservation on tel.: 08667 790.

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